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PBC3 provides evidence-based health science solutions which enable you to efficiently build value and fuel innovation. We connect clients to grant funds. We clarify complex research.

Our Services

PBC3 helps clients manage through any stage of the research process from identifying funding to uncovering new trends and ideas. We build and strengthen grant programs. We design and support health science research.

Grant Consulting

Grant Consulting

We develop customized grant strategies, identify opportunities, and write and submit proposals. We conduct cost/benefit analyses and can help allocate grant funds.

Research Analytics

Research Analytics

We support our clients’ health science research. We design studies, organize and manage data, conduct statistical analyses, produce reports, and write scientific manuscripts.

About Us

Peter Option 4 (1)Peter Corcoran, Founder & President

Accomplished scientific professional who has a background in environmental and public health. An expert in research with specializations in epidemiology, environmental health, laboratory operations, and governmental regulations. Mr. Corcoran brings a valuable blend of experience for public, private and nonprofit organizations that helps manage all stages of the research cycle, from grant funding to customized study design and developing analytic solutions.

Mr. Corcoran has extensive experience conducting peer-reviewed research for University of Illinois at Chicago and Loyola University of Chicago. He is also an adjunct professor with Benedictine University’s Master of Public Health program and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine.

Mr. Corcoran holds a Bachelor of Science, Biology from John Carroll University and a Master of Public Health from Loyola University Chicago.

Co-authored Articles

Contributing Mentions

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